Monday, May 9, 2011

back to reality

so, I'm not much of a blogger. but I figured that now that its spring, I'm gonna try to be a little more diligent in blogging.
so, I've been back from my mission about 7 months already! I can't believe it...time is flying. I finished a quick but stressful semester back at BYU as an RA at Helaman halls. I had a great experience with that and was able to pull out with my best semester yet here at BYU! its great being back, but I sure do miss the mission, and everything that entails. I'll be planning a trip back in the near future! :)
I am now living in a new apartment for spring and summer with my awesome friend, Katelin. basically, I'm having a blast! :) yesterday being Mother's day [happy mother's day to my incredible mother!!!] I was able to talk to my cool little brother, Elder Naval. He is doing so great, and has been such a good example for everyone! as for everything else, I spend much of my time running out in this beautiful weather, biking, hanging out with my adorable nieces, Rowan & Harper, and studying studying studying.
my life isn't too interesting right now, just the regular rigors of life :) so thats the latest! (pictures to come!)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

i suck at blogging.

well, im obviously no good at blogging since i haven't blogged since september. BUT here's a quick one to recap on life.

rowan turned 1!
i got my mission call to Argentina! (sorry it's sideways..i dont know how to fix that.)
Tim's home from his mission! 
Home in Jersey celebrating Christmas/Tim's homecoming, etc.
Rowan loved philly! 
we chopped lots of wood...(well, mainly just justin)
spent time with cousins!
visited the shore, which rowan did not like so much. it was freezing though, so i dont blame her.
Since we were celebrating Christmas late, I spent Christmas with the Tate's. This is me and Rowan Christmas day!
Me and my roommates took some roommate pictures...and had a little fun
this is way back from thanksgiving when I went home to see the fam!

That pretty much sums up the last 5 months! Maybe i'll be REALLY productive and do a blog before I leave on my mission...we'll see. 

Monday, September 29, 2008

school started & took over my life. also, im 21.

i just started my junior year at byu....and i think i finally decided on a major, exercise science. although after taking my first human physiology test this weekend, i may want to reconsider. but for now, i will stay with exercise science. also, i turned 21, had a little birthday bash...and i am now officially legal to do whatever i want. woo hoo...

me and my crazy friends celebrating my 21st.
along with the new school year comes new roomies, here they are.
some cool kids at my party.
some old roomies.
also, new school  year = byu football season.
aka=my biggest obsession.

....and i believe this is the game we schooled ucla biggy...

Sunday, August 24, 2008

i survived mt. timp!

yes, i hiked mt. timpanogas. a huge group of my o.g. friends left around 2 am to head up the canyon. i had heard it was tough, and since i had only ever hiked the Y, naturally i was scared and a bit intimidated. we started at a quick pace...and i didn't think i would make it at that pace.
our goal was to make it by sunrise and it is about a 5-6 hour hike, but we kept at a good pace & we made it!!! = ]

1st break of the morning!
marcelo & amanda
me & amanda
the crew!
nap time for the boys...i was wayyy too cold to be able to fall asleep.
almost to the top...
look at that view!!
         it was incredible....and well worth the work to get there!
christy, me, and amanda!

still snow in august!

 WE DID IT!! this is at the tippy top!
so happy i made it.
 this is what we had to climb through.
coming back down around 9-10 am.
stoppin at the shack.
we got in the waterfall on the way down to cool off. it was incredible!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

charmaine & barry's wedding

my friends, charmaine and barry, were married on August 8th 2008 at the Salt Lake City temple. they met at the olive garden over a year ago and are now married. whitney and i had the opportunity to go up and see them...they looked fabulous and it was a great day! = ]

 ...this whole meeting at the o.g. then getting married a year later is starting to become a trend...i dont know how i feel about it  = ]

the beautiful bride!
the handsome groom!
me and charmaine! = ]

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

fun with the fam

last week was my family reunion! it was ALOT of fun and we took LOTS of pictures! = ]

my crazy family!
   me, mike & rob with lily, emma, & kate!
crazy kids!
we loooove shout about movies!
with the cousins outside the humanitarian center.
the great wall of clothing!

more cousins in park city!
me & mj!.....twins?!
me and the kids at the pool!
workin on our volleball skills!